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Куплю: пшеница 3 класс в Самаре

Организация закупит пшеницу 3 класса, клейковина не ниже 23%, ИДК не выше 75-80 ед. Объем до 5000 т. ежемесячно. Условия оплаты аккредетив.

Контактное лицо:

Эл. почта: Подключить опцию

Моб. тел.: +7 917 284 45 35

Город: Россия, Самарская область, Самара

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best wishes


PT. Marga Okapallo Indonesia is a national private company that stands and
is located at Semarang in Central Java which is engaged in various
businesses, including:
1. Production and Suppliers:
a. Briquette Charcoal (Coconut Shell Charcoal and Charcoal Wood) - By Order
b. Asalan Charcoal (Coconut Shell Charcoal and Charcoal Wood)
c. Mash and Granular charcoal (various size) - By Order
d. Activated Carbon and Liquid Smoke.
2. Procurement and manufacture of machinery / equipment - equipment for
the needs of Appropriate Technology (by order):
a. Agricultural, Plantations and Fisheries
b. Laboratory, Crafts dllnya.
3. Sales and Procurement The Earth (Sell - Buy):
a. Cocoa / Cocoa Beans
b. Pecan (Peel & Glondongan)
c. Coffee (Arabica & Robusta)
d. Clove
e. Ginger (Elephant, Red & Emprit)
f. Cashew Nut
g. Cardamom
h. Pepper (White & Black)
i. Jasmine Flower (Gambier & White)
4. Animal Procurement and Sales (Sell - Buy):
a. Ready to Cut cattle, feeder and seeds (all kinds)
b. Ox and Goat
c. Kampung chicken
5. Production and Essential Oil Suppliers:
a. Clove oil (leaves and branches) - Eugenol 80% Up
b. Patchouli oil - PA 27 s / d 33
c. Citronella oil
d. Also provide - ready to sell clove leaf dry distilled
6. Sales and Procurement GECKO (Sell - Buy)
- Package System (large and small)

Our payment methods : FOB,CASH AND TRANSFER BANK

So that we can, presumably can be used as input, confidence and hope to be
an option as your business partner. Thank you


HP: 081282685250 - Email: ice and Factory: Semarang - Central Java - Indonesia
Phone: 024-70774492 - 70249517 - Fax: 024-7606073

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